If you found you need more work, do the worksheet below corresponding to the Extra Practice set you just completed. (Worksheets can also be taken as tests at then end of each Chapter Review or even each section!)

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Intermediate Algebra (II)


Worksheet Section
Worksheet 1 6.4 Perimeter and Area
Worksheet  2 6.5 Circles
Worksheet  3 6.6 Volume and Surface Area
Worksheet  4 6.7 Angles
Worksheet  5 6.9 Similar Figures
Worksheet  6 13.2 Equations of Lines
Worksheet  7 13.3 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Worksheet  8 13.4 Linear Inequalities
Worksheet  9 14.5 Systems of Equations
Worksheet  10 15.4 Radicals
Worksheet  11 15.6 Applications with Right Triangles
Worksheet  12 16.3 The Quadratic Formula
Worksheet  13 16.5 Applications/Problem Solving
Worksheet  14 16.6 Quadratic Graphs
Worksheet  15 16.7 Functions
Worksheet 16 App. D Absolute Values
Worksheet 17 App. G Nonlinear Inequalites
Worksheet 18 App. J Applying Reasoning Skills


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