6: Geometry

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Intermediate Algebra Home

1. Read the Section Review and do all the exercises.

 Section Review  Section Review Answers


2. Do the following Math.com interactive:


 3. Read  the following example problems, then take a quiz after each set::


The Pythagorean Theorem
 The Distance and Midpoint Formulas
Similar Triangles and Indirect Measurement
Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios
Line and Angle Relationships
Congruent Triangles
Transformations on the Coordinate Plane
Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids
Circumference and Area: Circles
Area: Irregular Figures
Three-Dimensional Figures
Volume: Prisms and Cylinders
 Volume: Pyramids and Cones
Surface Area: Prisms and Cylinders
Surface Area: Pyramids and Cones
Similar Solids
Right Triangle Trigonometry

Angles and Angle Measure
Trigonometric Functions of  Angles
Law of Sines
Law of Cosines
Circular Functions
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Graphing Trigonometric Functions
Translations of Trigonometric Graphs
Trigonometric Identities
Verifying Trigonometric Identities
Sum and Difference of Angles Formulas
Double-Angle and Half-Angle Formulas
Solving Trigonometric Equations
Quiz   Angles
Quiz   Triangles
Quiz   The Pythagorean Theorem
Quiz   The Distance /Midpoint Formulas
Quiz   Similar Triang/Indirect Measurement
Quiz   Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios
Quiz   Line and Angle Relationships
Quiz   Congruent Triangles
Quiz   Transformations  Coordinate Plane
Quiz   Quadrilaterals
Quiz   Parallelograms, Triangles Trapezoids
Quiz   Polygons
Quiz   Circumference and Area: Circles
Quiz   Area: Irregular Figures
Quiz   Three-Dimensional Figures
Quiz   Volume: Prisms and Cylinders
Quiz   Volume: Pyramids and Cones
Quiz   Surface Area: Prisms and Cylinders
Quiz   Surface Area: Pyramids and Cones
Quiz   Similar Solids
Quiz   Right Triangle Trigonometry
Quiz   Angles and Angle Measure
Quiz   Trigonometric Functions of  Angles
Quiz   Law of Sines
Quiz   Law of Cosines
Quiz   Circular Functions
Quiz   Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Quiz   Graphing Trigonometric Functions
Quiz   Translations of Trig Graphs
Quiz   Trigonometric Identities
Quiz   Verifying Trigonometric Identities
Quiz   Sum & Difference Angles Formulas
Quiz   Double-Angle  Half-Angle Formulas
Quiz   Solving Trigonometric Equations


4. Do the Drill below on finding  the areas of various shapes:

Drill 26

5. Read the links below to gain further insight on a subject.

Basic Geometric Figures
Areas: Rectangles and Squares
Areas: Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids
Volume and Surface Area
Triangles and Parallelograms
Regular Polygons
Pythogorean Theorm 


6. Do the Worksheets as additional practice exercises.


7. Do the Trigonometry section below on right triangles,  then take the triangle exam:

Right Triangles 1

Right Triangles 2

Right Triangle Exam:

8. Take the following quizzes:

Geometry Quiz I:  terminology, lines, angles, squares and rectangles
Geometry Quiz II:  parallelograms, trapezoids, triangles, circles
Geometry Quiz III:  volume, Pythagorean Theorem, similar triangles


arranged by topic:

Discovering Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
Connecting Reasoning and Proof
Using Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Identifying Congruent Triangles
Applying Congruent Triangles
Exploring Quadrilaterals
Connecting Proportion and Similarity
Applying Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Analyzing Circles
Exploring Polygons and Area
Investigating Surface Area and Volume
Continuing Coordinate Geometry
Investigating Loci and Coordinate Transformations
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Graphs and Identities





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