13: Graphs, Conics, and Applications

Intermediate Algebra Home



1. Read the Section Review and do all the exercises: 

        Section Review Section Review Answers

2. Do the following drills:

Section 13.2 Drill 54

Section 13.4 Drill 55

3.  Take the quiz after reading the associated topic (do all):

4. Finally, (optional) read the links below to gain further insight on a subject.

Slope and Applications
Equations of Lines
Parallel Lines
Coincident Lines
Intersecting Lines
Perpendicular Lines
Proportion: Direct and Inverse
Conic Section

5. Perform the following extra practice sets:

   How to graph linear inequalities

   How to graph linear inequalities

   Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables  /  Answers -

   Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables / Answers  -

   Solving Absolute Value Inequalities / Answers


6. Take the following standardized test preps:

Linear Relations and Functions

Conic Sections


7. Finally the following Worksheets  should be done either as extra practice or tests.

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