If you found you need more work, do the worksheet below corresponding to the Extra Practice set you just completed. (Worksheets can also be taken as tests at then end of each Chapter Review or even each section!)

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Elementary Algebra (I)

Worksheet Section

Worksheet 1

7.8 Simplifying Expressions
Worksheet  2 8.2 Multiplication Principle
Worksheet  3 8.3 Using Principles Together
Worksheet  4 8.4 Applications/Problem Solving
Worksheet  5 8.5 Percents
Worksheet  6 9.2 Graphing Linear Equations
Worksheet  7 10.2 Exponents/Scientific Notation
Worksheet  8 10.5 Operations w/ Polynomials
Worksheet  9 10.8 Special Products/Division
Worksheet  10 11.5 Factoring
Worksheet  11 11.7 Solving Quadratics by Factoring
Worksheet  12 11.8 Applications/Problem Solving
Worksheet  13 12.1 Rational Expressions
Worksheet  14 12.5 Rational Expressions
Worksheet  15 12.7 Proportions and Problem Solving


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