5: Graphs & Statistics

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1. Do the entire Section Review:

      Section Review

2. Read all the following links then take the quizzes:






Stem-and-Leaf Plots
Measures of Variation
Box-and-Whisker Plots
Misleading Statistics
Counting Outcomes
Permutations and Combinations
Probability of Compound Events
Arithmetic Sequences
Arithmetic Series
Geometric Sequences
Geometric Series
Infinite Geometric Series
Recursion and Special Sequences
The Binomial Theorem
Proof and Mathematical Induction
The Counting Principle

Permutations and Combinations
Multiplying Probabilities
Adding Probabilities
Statistical Measures
The Normal Distribution
Binomial Experiments
Sampling and Error

Quiz Stem-and-Leaf Plots
Quiz Measures of Variation
Quiz Box-and-Whisker Plots
Quiz Histograms
Quiz Misleading Statistics
Quiz Counting Outcomes
Quiz Permutations and Combinations
Quiz Odds
Quiz Probability of Compound Events
Quiz Arithmetic Sequences
Quiz Arithmetic Series
Quiz Geometric Sequences
Quiz Geometric Series
Quiz Infinite Geometric Series
Quiz Recursion and Special Sequences
Quiz The Binomial Theorem
Quiz Proof and Mathematical Induction
Quiz The Counting Principle
Quiz Permutations and Combinations
Quiz Probability
Quiz Multiplying Probabilities
Quiz Adding Probabilities
Quiz Statistical Measures
Quiz The Normal Distribution
Quiz Binomial Experiments
Quiz Sampling and Error


3. Perform the Drill.

Drill 25


4. Read the following links:

General Overview: Statistics Notes
Averages, Medians and Modes
Tables and Pictographs
Bar Graphs and Line Graphs
Circle Graphs
Data Analysis and Predictions


 5. Do the Worksheets as additional practice exercises.


6. Do the extra practice Binomial Problems:

Poisson Problem
Binomial Probability

Binomial Probability
Binomial Theorem Practice
/ Solutions


7. Take the following quizzes:

Online Quizes - (pick Quizzing from left menu after page opens)


United States Naval Academy
 Statistics Final Exam Spring '01Solutions 



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