1: Operations

Intermediate Algebra Home

1. Read the Section Review and do all the exercises. During the review, make note of the sections that present challenge. 

                         Section Review   Section Review Answers

2.  Then do the Drills below corresponding to the sections that you had difficulty with in the Section Review

 1.2, Drill 1
1.3, Drill 2
1.3, Drill 3
1.3, Drill 4
1.4, Drill 5
1.5, Drill 6
1.6, Drill 7
1.7, Drill 8
1.7, Drill 9
1.8, Drill 10

3. Read the material found on each link then take the corresponding quiz:

Problem-Solving Plan
Numbers and Expressions
Variables and Expressions
Variables and Equations
Ordered Pairs and Relations
Order of Operations
Open Sentences
Identity and Equality Properties
The Distributive Property
Commutative and Associative Properties
Logical Reasoning
Scatter Plots
Graphs and Functions
Statistics: Analyzing Data by Using Tables and Graphs
Quiz A Problem-Solving Plan
Quiz Numbers & Expressions
Quiz Variables & Expressions
Quiz Properties
Quiz Variables and Equations
Quiz Ordered Pairs & Relations
Quiz  Order of Operations
Quiz  Open Sentences
Quiz  Identity/ Equality Properties
Quiz  The Distributive Property
Quiz  Commutative & Associative Properties
Quiz  Logical Reasoning
Quiz  Scatter Plots
Quiz  Graphs and Functions
Quiz  Statistics: Analyzing Data by Using Tables and Graphs


4. Read the links below to gain further insight on a subject:

Scientific Notation
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division; Rounding and Estimating
Solving Equations
Exponential Notation and Order of Operations
Divisibility Tests
Least Common Multiples
Commutative Law
Associative Law
Distributive Law
Additive Identity
Multiplicative Identity 
Additive Inverse
Mulitplicative Inverse

5. Online Practice Sets: fill in your answers online and get corrected immediately. 

Order Of Operations
Counting Money


6. Word Problems Prep:

     MEMORIZE the key phrases used in the following problems to the best of your ability (then when you come across a similar phrase in the future, you'll know how to set it up):

 Translating Phrases

 Sentences into Equations


7. Finally, do the Worksheets as tests or additional practice exercises.



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